Medipraxe is a next-generation, highly secure, cloud-based Healthcare software. It allows to tackle critical issue of patient deaths happening due to non-availability of patient history, info about patient allergies or wrong interpretation of doctor prescriptions

Medipraxe is building a cloud-based EMR / EHR solution and integrating a number of innovative technologies Some of the key features of the Medipraxe System include:

  1. a) Cloud-based EHR maintains a wide range of data including family history, chronic diseases, illnesses and hospitalizations, Allergies and adverse drug reactions, Vitals, Imaging/Lab Reports, Medications and dosing, prescription records and more
  2. b) The platform is integrated with Smartcard to control access the Health records
  3. c) Allows Patient referrals and limited time access to health records to the referred doctor
  4. d) Find doctors and book appointments online
  5. e) Features as easy appointment scheduling, appointment reminders
  6. f) EHR data is accessible through Smartphones and Tablets